About Sahaja


Sahaja grew up in an Irish family in Manchester. In his teens he found both art and Buddhism and later did a Fine Art Degree and was ordained as a Buddhist and given the name Sahaja.

Sahaja discovered his natural medium in metal sculpture. After college he found himself a studio at Dean Clough in Yorkshire and had a prolific 9 year period of working in metal. He lost his studio space and this led to a long period of struggle and re-evaluation culminating in Sahaja reinventing himself, this time as a painter using a mix of paint and collage.

Sahaja's name means, "natural, innate, spontaneous, born with..." His art is his practice; exploring and transforming himself. He lives and breathes his art.

Sahaja is currently living in West Limerick with his wife. Since he moved he has been exploring abstract and figurative painting, Buddha figures and self portraits, relationships and the tensions and dynamics between male and female, trauma and healing. In his own words 'its all about relationship to oneself, inner and outer worlds and about congruence.

He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1992 having specialised in sculpture and worked at Dean Clough studios in Halifax for about a decade. He has been more on the move over the last decade and has done more painting. He moved to Ireland in 2014. His work reflects his process and relationships, it covers topics such as love, conflict, mental illness, Buddhism, sense of place in a vibrant and sometimes playful way. its tragic comedy at times.

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Sahaja has exhibited in both UK and Ireland. Has also undertaken commissioned work of both sculptures and paintings. His work is in both public and private collections, with work in UK, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand , Canada, USA and India .

Individual and collections of sculptures, of both commissioned and bought work can be seen at:

Dean Clough gallery, Yorkshire.
Manchester Buddhist center
Groundwork trust Blackburn
Essen Buddhist center
Victoria wearhouse hotel Manchester